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Situated in a landmark location next to the Kingston Bridge, our vision is to regenerate this derelict area and transform the riverside site into an attractive mixed-use development.

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The site is highly accessible with a wide range of public transport services within easy walking distance, including bus and rail. Is also has numerous walking and cycling routes nearby.

There are two main vehicular routes with parallel pedestrian and/or cycle routes, located to the south along the riverfront at Anderston Quay and at Stobcross/Argyle Street to the north.

These two main routes connect the site to the wider city context North Street located below the Kingston Bridge is a major vehicular route taking traffic on and off the M8, the Clydeside Expressway and Broomielaw.

The refurbishment and extension of some of the pedestrian footpaths and bridges across the Expressway and the M8 have improved connectivity with the City Centre resulting in a fresh lease of life to the immediate area.

Within the development site there is an opportunity to define and create safe pedestrian routes linking north and south as well as east to west.

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Substantial warehouses and manufacturing facilities occupied entire city blocks running north- south towards the river and sat cheek by jowl with sandstone tenements in almost self-contained urban communities.

The construction of the M8 corridor and the Kingston Bridge in the late 1960’s cut a swathe through this densely knit urban fabric, creating a disconnect with the City Centre to the east.

The impact of the motorway and the natural decline of the traditional industries have dramatically affected the immediate context of the site and its relationship to the wider city.

Despite the scale and impact of change, there are some remaining fragments of past occupation that provide an important link to the previous character and identity of the place.

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The red brick towers of the Bilsland Bakery on Hydepark Street (now demolished) are a reminder of previous scale and density, of well defined streets and places and provide a sense of the visual quality and materiality that contributed to the historic character and identity of Anderston.

In more recent years the area around the site was dominated by the old Daily Record building which stood as an iconic structure imposing itself on the river front. Rising to approximately 12 storeys, it became a landmark building visible to all who crossed the Kingston Bridge.

Cheapside Street was home to Glasgow’s worst fire disaster in post war history. Fuelled by over a million gallons of whiskey, this fire in the 1960’s in a bonded warehouse claimed the lives of 19 fire and service men.

Image: Scottish Post Office Directories, view here .

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