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Your feedback to date

We launched our consultation in early February providing information online and at a drop in event.

Feedback to date has been positive with strong support for encouraging more people to live in the city centre and redevelopment of the site as homes for rent and student accommodation.

I think that easy access to the city’s public transport infrastructure is important if the focus is on cycling and an area of reduced car usage.

Absolutely 100% agree with this, why would you need a car when you live in the City Centre.

No one goes to Paris or Barcelona and thinks “You know what this place really needs? More parking lots in the City Centre!”

I would urge Dandara to consider re-purposing some of the space under the Kingston Bridge as car parking or bicycle storage. It is dead space not being used for anything other than littering and anti-social behaviour, it would be good to see it used for something!

Community Council

Community Council representatives have raised a number of issues that they would like Dandara to give further thought to and these are addressed below.

The Community Council referenced projects such as the Anderston Station/M8 undercroft as a key opportunity for improvement. Dandara doesn’t own or control this land. However, we recognise there is significant proposed development in the Anderston area and are willing to work in partnership to support this aspiration.

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At present, the immediate area isn’t inviting for pedestrians. The considerable investment planned in this vicinity by Dandara and adjoining developments will support a busier and more vibrant community. Increased footfall means increased surveillance and security. Dandara Living is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for residents and is exploring ‘Get Home Safe’ initiatives to support this aim.

Local services

The population growth of Anderston means that the future of local services such as schools, doctors and dentists need to be planned for.

As a local stakeholder we want to support initiatives from local government on how space provided at the development can support the service needs of the emerging community.

Being a good neighbour

Concern was raised by the Community Council that increased residents could mean increased noise and disruption. For example, more people walking from City Wharf through existing residential areas to get to Finnieston. We pride ourselves in creating cohesive communities and have a pro-active management plan for all of our facilities.



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